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Alison Tapuana Hart

Born and educated in Wales, now living in Canada, Alison maintains a practice as a consultant in inner resource development. She is a spiritual mentor, professional speaker, and leader of retreats and courses in personal development.
As a lifelong student of human nature, Alison bears daily witness to ancient systems of inner knowledge and wisdom through her life and work, as a catalyst for change in individuals and organizations. 

With an international background in the performing arts, corporate and non-profit organisations on the east and west coasts of Canada and Scotland, Alison has been an 
independent consultant since 1992, and a practitioner and student of ancient Hawaiian spirituality and the healing arts since 1993.

She is certified as a teacher of Hawaiian healing and spirituality traditions through the lineage of 'Aunty' Laura Kealohaonakapuna Yardley (Kaua'i).

Charter member of HearthMath LLC, Certified Practitioner of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), Post-grad Certif. in Theatre & Performance Studies (Rose Bruford, UK), and past CEO/President of Edgar Cayce Canada.