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Being human is messy!

At the root of ancient cultures is a common teaching - that we are not human beings learning how to be spiritual, but spiritual beings experiencing how to be human. 

Being human is messy! However, the messy situations we create for ourselves - and for our world - can be seen differently with the realization that there are not only Physical laws such as gravity, but counterparts at the level of Mind and Spirit. These higher laws or principles are just as inevitable and impartial as physical laws, and affect our lives in every minute whether we are aware of their existence or not. The single "law of attraction" has recently gained attention, but it can be misapplied without an understanding of its role in the integrative whole.

Principles or 'laws' apply to everyone equally, all of the time, everywhere - as individuals, families, groups, corporations, countries, civilisations. They are universal and divine in nature (and they can't be fooled or bargained with!). Some are woven into fairy tales and proverbs which we overlook from our familiarity with them.

By becoming aware that universal principles of mind and spirit exist at all, and increasing our awareness of how we interact with them, it becomes easier to identify why our lives are the way they are, why the world is the way it is, and what we can do to transform both. 

We need not be stuck in one paradigm for life, we have choice to become aware. In applying what we learn we can become conscious co-creators in our own lives.

Imagine going from uncertainty and chaos to balance and peace - regardless of what is going on around us ...

Spiritual beings learning to be human. A mess - or an exciting adventure? 

It's up to us.