Participant comments

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Alison communicates very clearly and powerfully,and teaches experientially.    
Just as importantly, she lives her beliefs, radiating a calm, centred way of
being and developing. For me, the
experience ... has been a very powerful
one that has left enduring traces of courage, hope, and connection.

       (MN, Consultant, Fredericton) 

Exuding innate warmth and humour, as well as a strong sense of personal
purpose, she instantly created an atmosphere of openness, relaxed sharing 
and experiencing among participants of varying ages and backgrounds ... 
to provide a fun, informative, and meaningful experience.     

       (JD, CEO - Consulting Firm, Fredericton)

She infuses her work with a respect for the profound potential for healing
in our world, coupled with practical ways of bringing healing to bear 
on our lives; at work, at home, at play.     

       (GK, Otttawa)


Your tape really turned around a negative, depressed phase for me....!        
Thank you. I thought you might enjoy knowing that you made a difference.
I'm sure you know that you always make a difference, but this was a great  
moment. Thanks again!

       (Rev. PD, O'ahu, Hawai'i)