The legacy of Edgar Cayce

The Master Law of Manifestation

 "Spirit is the life, Mind is the builder, Physical is the result" [4722-1]

When it comes to placing the work of Edgar Cayce relating to universal laws into context, the late author Bruce McArthur expresses my own thoughts and experience in his book "Your Life": 

    "Edgar Cayce was, in most respects, an ordinary person, but he had an amazing gift.
He was a psychic, perhaps the most famous and most carefully documented psychic of our time. For over forty years, he would, usually twice a day, lie on a couch, go into a sleeplike state, and respond to questions. He gave over 14,000 of these discourses, called readings. They were carefully transcribed by his secretary and have been preserved by the Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

    To a great extent the readings deal with relationships among individuals, and individuals and their world, their inner selves, and their Creator. The readings frequently explain these relationships in terms of the basic laws by which life operates and referred to them as 'Universal Laws.' They explain how, by our use of the laws, we create our lives, our relationships with others, and the quality of both. They explain how, through our use of the laws, we unknowingly create the conditions we experience in our lives: financial, social, mental and spiritual.

    You do not need to accept the Edgar Cayce readings as a reliable source of information in order to derive full benefit from the Universal Laws. The laws stand on their own. They need no further authority for they are so basic and fundamental you can check them out for yourself. .... You will learn for yourself that, through their application, you can gain a fuller understanding of existence, of your relationships with others, and with your Creator. Based on more than twenty-five years of experience, I can assure you these Universal Laws have done this for me and for many others, and they can do the same for you."

I count myself among those "others", and feel privileged to have been able to give something back as a volunteer and past CEO/President of Edgar Cayce Canada in appreciation for all of Edgar Cayce's work.

Note: Edgar Cayce died in January, 1945 but his work continues through A.R.E. (Association for Research & Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, Edgar Cayce Canada, and many centres in North America, and affiliated organizations around the world.