Three questions

Who are you?

What do you (really) want?

What are you here to do?

As human beings, we have the desire to have it make a difference that we lived at all - to find our true purpose and to live it to the best of our ability. 

Many of us go through life never taking the time to ask, reflect, or answer these fundamental questions - as individuals, communities, or organizations. 

It's one thing to compose a mission statement that looks impressive when framed. To connect with a heartfelt purpose that can no longer be kept silent, and must be lived, is quite another.

Individuals and communities of all descriptions can move from ambiguity to clarity through a guided process of rediscovering true purpose, and
  • reach decisions quickly that are aligned with highest values (in the case of communities, highest common values)  
  • realize existing natural strengths and resourcefulness (as an individual or community)
  • ignite passion, creativity, and energy 
  • move towards clear goals at warp speed!
How would our world be different if we lived that true sense of purpose?