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The Dreamer & the Dream 
(4 weekly sessions
plus 1:1 extra session)

Summerside, PEI
$220 (discounted introductory rate!)

Hawaiian Huna: Living in Balance (Complimentary Introduction)
September 26
6-8 pm
Summerside, PEI
Advance registration

'AHA Inner Wisdom Weekend
October 20 & 21
to be held at Centre Goeland, PEI
(Sat am to Sunday pm)
$395 includes accommodation and meals)
Registration closing date: OCTOBER 6

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and registration, 


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What we hold in our mind we empower 

What we hold in our heart and intent we commit into being 

What we speak on our breath we seed and disperse  

When love for all life shows in our every action 

..... we are Spirit made visible   

         (Alison Tapuana Hart)

Workshops and retreat weekends include both basic and advanced work.

'AHA Inner Wisdom Weekend  
(Hawaiian spirituality and healing)

At the heart of the Hawaiian culture is an ancient, profound, and complete body of knowledge breathtaking in its complexity, simplicity, and wholeness. 

Hawaiian wisdom teachings offer a path to reconnect with our spiritual nature, to the limitless inner resources we each possess. The teachings contain a system of knowledge that is spiritual, 
practical, and intended to be lived. And so the ancient becomes modern again.

Weekend immersion brings an opportunity in a small group setting to work with and experience the language, wisdom teachings, chants, and subtle energy systems of Hawai'i in the presence of a kumu (teacher), taking what we have learned back into the world for practical, lived, application.

         Attendees experience         
           - specific and practical daily techniques to bring life into balance
             (ka hana 
           - an introduction to the Three Selves, to achieve personal balance,
             health and wellbeing;
           - effective prayer action;
           - techniques for clearing, releasing, and forgiveness.
           - the hidden power of the breath, the word, and the heart.
           - an understanding of higher universal laws of transformation.
        Limited enrolment. 
         ThDreamer & The Dream  
A primer to understanding and working with dreams and waking symbols
incorporating ancient Hawaiian spiritual teachings on dreaming (moe 'uhane) and universal laws.

Dreams and symbols are the language of the soul. They bring encouragement, instruction, warnings, practical guidance, and more into human experience through symbols and stories. We have access to answers and guidance whether asleep or awake - but are we paying attention?  

By understanding, honing and applying our observation in both waking and sleeping states, spiritual development is accelerated and practical benefits come to all areas of life.

Dreams and symbols are fundamentally personal, making generic interpretations less helpful.
 Over a period of 4 weeks, the Wake up! Workshop offers the opportunity, time, and place to:
    - learn techniques for dream recall and analysis
    - understand the role of personal ideals in clarifying dreams 
    - explore dreamtime experiences, and learn dream incubation
    - build a personal symbol dictionary
    - discern dream experiences (guidance, lucid, nightmares, precognitive,
    - learn to self-interpret dreams in a small group setting.
    - learn a Hawaiian dreamtime chant.

Includes Hawaiian shamanic teachings and the original 
work of Edgar Cayce. Aindividual one-to-one phone session in the week that follows the workshop, to mentor specific dream interpretations, is included in the enrollment fee. 
**  Brief background on Edgar Cayce  here.

Stress release and transformation

According to current research1, at least 75% of all medical clinic visits are stress related. Recent scientific studies show that the immune system takes six hours to recover from one angry thought held for just 5 minutes. 

We cannot always control events, however we can change our response to them - in the moment.

This is an experiential and practical workshop in awareness and self empowerment learning s
imple yet simply profound practices to rebalance the inner system in the moment they occur. It draws on the language and wisdom teachings of ancient Hawai'i and its new scientific research. 

You will leave this workshop with: 
    -  awareness of personal stress triggers
    -  techniques to help you quickly transform low and high level stress into 'useful'

1United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

**  Hawaiian translation of 'aha:  the invisible spiritual connection that links the finite mind of man with the infinite mind of God/Creator (L.M. Jones)